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  • Ken Hakoda

It's all depends on how we approach our thoughts.


Long time no see. This is an English Version of my current blog. It is a funny feel for me to translate Japanese into English. Anyway, here I go.

Last week, I had my first seminar job by myself. I literally spent most of my time, energy and FORCE preparing it for three weeks. The job was a Presentation Seminar for one of a major company in Japan. Although the presentation was relatively an established concept for my (my father's) company, I created new approaches and contents as it was never done before. I enjoyed the process tremendously. It was like composing Music, thinking how I can create the memorable moments within the piece. It was like planing for a class, how I can effectively teach students, so they understand the material. The process was combination of many of my previous works, as they were meant to be. I want to thank people who attended my demo seminar, giving me very positive and effective feedbacks, which gave me much needed confidence.

From this point, the core of my seminar (teaching) will be POSITIVE ENERGY. It is free to be positive and show the smile. They bring nothing, but happiness to others and myself. Win - Win situation! I want to believe in POSITIVE ENERGY.

I was never alway positive. Even now, I fight negative thoughts, especially when I am alone. I think many of you are same way. Negative and Sad events, depression, sickness of family, friends and self, accidents, betrayal from the most trusted one, and separation, there are many things happening everyday to all of us.

There are wonderful saying in Japan, "it's all depends o how we approach our thoughts". I just love these words. Japanese dictionary define these words as "Even on a same event, we can approach it positively or negatively".

If we can think more positively, we will be much happier. Here is an example. Last week, my mother had a minor car accident. As she accidentally took wrong medication, she lost her conscious while she was driving. She drove on the sidewalk and damaged her car. She always has been a great driver who never had an accident before. She was sad and depressed with her mistake. But my father told her another approach. "You are very fortunate that no-one was on the sidewalk. If there were people, you would be in jail by now. Fortunately, you are fine, and only damages were on your car. We can repair it". it was unfortunate accident, but if we can think like my father, we can move and think forward much better.

Positive thinking process will really move our life forward. 19 century philosopher,

James Allen said, "Human will become whatever he/she imagined to be". I want to believe that our efforts to think will really bring the truth happiness to our life. Happiness brings success. Success does not necessary bring happiness.

It is very difficult to carry on this positive thinking process. But let's try our bests for the future.

See you soon!

My first gig in Japan!





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